John Williams & Steven Spielberg – The Adventure Continues


A documentary by Laurent Bouzereau including new interviews with Steven Spielberg and John Williams! Over the 90-year history of sound film, there have been a handful of instances where a director and a composer have formed a longtime partnership that resulted in a series of classical scores, creating music that stands the test of time. None, however, have been as long or as fruitful as the 43-year collaboration of Steven Spielberg and John Williams. None have encompassed such a wide range of subject matter or, more significantly, have had such an enormous impact on worldwide popular culture. From the ominous shark signature of Jaws to the five-note alien greeting of Close Encounters of the Third Kind; from the heroic march of Raiders of the Lost Ark to the moving themes for Schindler’s List the music Williams has written for more than two dozen Spielberg projects has not only served them brilliantly but entered the wider public consciousness.

Additional Info

  • No: 9583
  • Production year: 2017
  • Run time: 00:25:00
  • Director: A film by Laurent Bouzereau
  • Producers: Sony Classical
  • Format: HDTV 16:9
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