Daniel Barenboim plays Beethoven Piano Sonatas


With his ultimate Beethoven Sonata Cycle, recorded in UHD, Daniel Barenboim sets himself a legacy. Lockdown certainly provided challenges for many of us. In certain instances it also provided for opportunities. Daniel Barenboim used the time to prepare a new Beethoven Sonata Cycle: “No matter how many times you play them there are always fresh personal perspectives waiting to be discovered”. And he takes his audience on a truly unforgettable journey full of amazing experiences. This cycle, the first Beethoven Sonata Cycle recorded in Ultra High Definition, was filmed at the stunning Pierre Boulez Saal in studio conditions.

Additional Info

  • No: A055513890000
  • Composer: L.v. Beethoven
  • Production year: 2020
  • Run time: 11:50:00
  • Producers: Unitel
  • Format: 4K
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