Beatrice Rana plays Bach, Debussy and Chopin


Italian pianist Beatrice Rana has been captivating listeners worldwide with electrifying performances that marry exhilarating power and precision with a startling sensitivity to the poetry underlying a musical score. “Her startling technique remains among the most faultless of young pianists today, and it was displayed, in this recital, in some dazzling repertoire.” — The Washington Post The Oratorio del Gonfalone in Rome is a former church of the 16th century. It is a jewel of the Roman Renaissence, with frescoes showing “The Stories of the Passion of Christ”, made by prominent artists such as Federico Zuccari, Cesare Nebbia and Livio Agresti between 1569 and 1576. The building is now profaned and and the site is used for many of the concerts by the Coro Polifonico Romano. PROGRAM Bach: French Suite No. 2; Debussy: Études, Book 1; Chopin: Scherzo Nos. 1-4

Additional Info

  • No: 8806
  • Composer: Bach, Debussy and Chopin
  • Production year: 2021
  • Run time: 01:11:00
  • Producers: BFMI in coproduction with ZDF in collaboration with Arte
  • Format: HDTV 16:9
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