St. Matthew Passion



In 2017 – the year of Luther – Hans-Christoph Rademann and the Gaechinger Cantorey take on Johann Sebastian Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion, the key work of the Protestant church. The exceptional concert impressively documented the new sound and superb manner of playing on historical instruments, which Hans-Christoph Rademann was able to hone in masterfully with the Gaechinger Cantorey over the course of just one year. In its choreographed version of the St. Matthew Passion, the programme offers new dimensions to Bach‘s musical drama. And, for the one hundred schoolchildren who delved into Bach‘s monumental work and learned to dance as an artistic form of self-expression, it was an opportunity to experience the power of his music first hand. The interplay of professional musicians and young amateurs turned into a creative bridge for all involved.

Additional Info

  • No: 9521
  • Composer: J.S. Bach
  • Conductor: Hans-Christoph Rademann
  • Orchestra: Gaechinger Cantorey, Students from schools in the Stuttgart region, Ensemble VivaTanz!
  • Artists: Gerlinde Sämann, Isabel Jantschek, Benno Schachtner, Benedikt Kristjánsson, Paul Schweinester, Peter Harvey, Krešimir Stražanac
  • Production year: 2017
  • Run time: 02:54:00
  • Director: Choreography by Friederike Rademann
  • Producers: Accentus, Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart
  • Format: 4K
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