Salzburg Festival 2019: Haitink conducts Bruckner 7


Anyone who attends this concert is later be privileged to be able to say: “I was there.” Because this event involves an extraordinary and truly indelible meeting of minds. The 90-year-old Bernard Haitink, who embodies the knowledge and wisdom of the great art of conducting like no one else, leading the Vienna Philharmonic, an ensemble whose sound has remained unmistakable and unique to this day. Haitink has chosen to focus on Anton Bruckner, a composer who has shaped his life ever since he first heard one of his symphonies at the age of eight: “Bruckner was simply always there,” the Dutch maestro says, discussing the Austrian symphonist’s significance for him. With the Seventh, he devotes his attention to perhaps the most popular and melodically enticing of the Bruckner symphonies.

Additional Info

  • No: A045501190000
  • Composer: Anton Bruckner
  • Conductor: Bernard Haitink
  • Orchestra: Wiener Philharmoniker
  • Production year: 2019
  • Run time: 01:15:00
  • Producers: Unitel
  • Format: 4K
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