Pushing Borders


The film Set in Motion accompanies choreographers Jefta van Dinther, Milla Koistinen, and Arno Schuitemaker, who react to new beginnings after a period of stillness in works specifically put together for this film. In their performances, they represent the changeable feelings that accompany the return from isolation to closeness: from fear to overcome, from curiosity to euphoria. Carefully, they unfold a return to mutual support and trust with the unifying expressive power of contemporary dance and show how dance can also be a celebration of life and joy. The three-part work was created in cooperation with euro-scene at Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig.

Additional Info

  • No: 8835
  • Production year: 2021
  • Run time: 01:00:00
  • Director: Choreographies by Jefta van Dinther, Milla Koistinen, Arno Schuitemaker
  • Producers: Accentus Music, ZDF, arte
  • Format: HDTV 16:9
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