PopScandals is a two part journey in time through the juiciest, dirtiest and hottest pop scandals of the last 60 years! Whether naked truths, jarring stage performances or accidental slip ups, PopScandals shows what shocked respectable citizens and the conservative establishment and left the youth rejoicing. From the stuffiness of the 50s when a pelvic thrust or flash of a breast was enough to stir up a storm, to the age of social media, where staged scandals have become an integral part of pop culture. Using the big stars as an example, PopScandals tells of what was needed at which point in time to create a legendary scandal, or to avoid one. PopScandals makes it noticeable and possible to experience the technological development and commercialization of the “scandal machine” the media have created, having become a scandal in itself.

Additional Info

  • No: 9882
  • Production year: 2016
  • Run time: 2 x 53'
  • Director: Nicole Kraack, Sonja Collison
  • Producers: Signed Media, ZDF/Arte
  • Format: HDTV 16:9
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