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Fritz Kalkbrenner plays Baloise Session


Kalkbrenner is a cult name in electronic music. In 2008 Paul and Fritz, brothers from Berlin, delivered the title song «Sky And Sand» for Hannes Stöhr’s techno cult film «Berlin Calling». Since then, Fritz has enjoyed a highly successful career as a DJ and producer, which he proved again last year with his spherical top track «In The Morning». His style has been evolving during the releases of his five albums, from expansive production style, filled with airy guitar licks and relaxed, nearly tropical rhythms to vocals and grandiose arrangements.

Additional Info

  • No: 8377
  • Production year: 2023
  • Run time: 01:06:00
  • Director: Roli Bärlocher
  • Producers: Session Basel
  • Format: HDTV 16:9
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