Sir András Schiff – Lecture concert Goldberg Variations

Sir Andras Schiff mit den Goldberg Variationen im Pierre Boulez Saal


One of the most renowned Bach interpreters of our time, Sir András Schiff brings his artistic vision and scholarly expertise to what may be the most fascinating (and most studied) keyboard work of the pre-Classical era. Nothing less than a masterclass in composition, the Goldberg Variations – originally published under the modest title "Aria with Diverse Variations" – are a landmark in Bach’s output and have become synonymous with the Baroque style itself, as well as one of the few compositions recognized far beyond the world of classical music. In this special lecture concert, Schiff explores Bach’s score in words and performance. Only Concert version also available.

Additional Info

  • No: A055506900000
  • Composer: J.S. Bach
  • Production year: 2017
  • Run time: 02:00:00
  • Producers: Unitel
  • Format: HDTV 16:9
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