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Stravinsky in Hollywood

Stravinsky in Hollywood
No.: 9841
Year: 2013
Run time: 00:54:00
Director: Marco Capalbo
Producers: BFMI in co-production with WDR / Arte
Format: HDTV 16:9


Stravinsky in Hollywood explores the short-lived film career of this legendary composer, it is the story of his trials and tribublations with the Hollywood Studios, the story of an ‘old school’ European artist knocking heads with the brash New World. Igor Stravinsky lived in the heart of Hollywood from 1939 until shortly before his death in 1971 – longer than in any other single place. He came expecting to find lucrative work composing for the movies. The 60-minute film uses a combination of existing archival footage (some of it never before seen), contemporary interviews with experts in the field and living movie composers, and scenes from several big studio films of the 40s brought together – for the first time – with the music which Stravinsky wrote for them.