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800 Years St. Thomas Boys Choir

800 Years St. Thomas Boys Choir
No.: 9832
Year: 2012
Run time: 01:53:00
Director: Paul Smaczny and Günter Atteln
Producers: ACCENTUS Music in co-production with MDR/Arte
Format: HDTV 16:9


In 2012 the St. Thomas Boys Choir Leipzig celebrated its 800th birthday. An almost unbelievable period of time, if one considers that the choir outlasted all political systems, maintaining its unbroken traditions over the centuries, and was thus able to hold onto established principles such as the inclusion of the elder boys in the education of the younger ones. The film accompanied the St. Thomas Boys Choir and their choir master Georg Christoph Biller over the period of one year, immersing the audience in a unique world between motet, boarding school and football pitch, into a life that is distinguished by success and pressure to perform, doubts and pride, homesickness and genuine friendship.